With a wealth of experience more than 15 years, initiated and named after INPAC Japan Male, catering the most demanding and well verse travellers from Japan, in
2004 “Karusan Travels” established its corporate office in Sri Lanka with one branch office in Male.

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Pristine Beaches


Mirissa is major tourist destination in Sri Lanka due to its beautiful location and natural resources such as clean beaches, corals, crystal clear water, and sizzling sun. It is ideal place for a beach stay to catch some sun or take a walk along the shore. This fabulous beach has it all, beautiful golden sandy beach, surf friendly waves, bars, pubs and restaurants thus town is legendary for its vibrant night life. Apart from all, Mirissa has become the best destination for Whale & Dolphin watching. Also that travelers regard as ideal for wind surfing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching and many more water sport activities. Take a tuk tuk ride to secrete beach Mirissa it guarantees that underwater world are often seen by anybody whether they can dive or not. Spend the beautiful evenings in coconut hills by swinging to capture magical view. Mirissa is the ultimate place to visit to have a relaxed holiday chockfull with fun, sun, swim, shopping and excitement. 


Kalpitiya located in Puttalam district which is a famous peninsula that separates the Puttalm lagoon from the Indian Ocean with 14 unspoiled islands. Kalpitiya connected with history and legend now famous for Whale & Dolphin watching. Whales, Dolphins, Sea turtles and Coral reefs are plentiful in the zone. Take a visit to St.Anne’s church Talawila and it is one of the most ancient and wonderful of all Christian shrines in Sri Lanka. 


Arugambay known as one of the top surfing point due to its quality surf breaks. A moon-shaped curl of soft sand is home to some of Sri Lanka’s most gifted surfers as well which attract many other drew surfers and sun- seekers from all over the world. In 2010, Arugambay ruled international surfing competition and it catches constant flow of worldwide travelers. Besides Surf Breaks, there are plenty of other draws to enjoy the destination. 


Pasikuda, is situated in Eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka nearby Indian Ocean. The blue waters of the bay is famous for its shallow seafront framed, beautiful hotels, fine restaurants, Coconut Cultural Park and coral reefs. Pasikuda is a perfect spot to explore fascinating wide sandy beach destination under the hot tropical sun to surf, swim & enjoy many water sports in Sri Lanka. 


Bentota is a mini tropical paradise where the river meets the sea. Bentota beach is a popular beach among travelers due to nearby location to the main business city in Sri Lanka thus this city is a planned before development tourist destination which suit for all budget of travelers. Bentota is more secluded picture-perfect beach to spend your days when you exploring the town. While enjoying the eye-catching view go for a cruising on the Bentota River to capture different kinds of animals, birds, reptiles such as crocodile, iguana in their natural habitats. Take a visit to the two private gardens of Brief and Lunuganga. Water sports in Bentota has a reputation as being the water sports capital of Sri Lanka with sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing and many more. If you want a more laid-back vibe go out at night for enjoy a couple of drinks in a floating nightclub. 


Trincomalee is located on a peninsula in east coast of Sri Lanka. Trinco has been a sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka. Natural deep-water harbor attracts many travelers to engage in recreational activities like scuba diving, fishing, surfing, and whale watching thus it is known as a remarkable spot for sea bathing in Sri Lanka. Trinco, is home to few famous beach destinations to laze the day basking under the sun. It’s mostly attracted travelers towards two spectacular beaches alike Marbel beach and Nilaweli beach. In Marbel Beach you can find an extensive variety of exercises, the place is ideal for swimming and East Coast stay. Nilaveli Beach lies north of Uppuveli Beach in Trincomalee, if you’re looking to escape the crowds and spend a few days relaxing on the beach, Nilaveli Beach is the best to choose. Furthermore, one can visit Pigeon Island, hot springs, Konesvaram Rock Temple and Fort Fredrick.