With a wealth of experience more than 15 years, initiated and named after INPAC Japan Male, catering the most demanding and well verse travellers from Japan, in
2004 “Karusan Travels” established its corporate office in Sri Lanka with one branch office in Male.

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Knuckles Mountain Range or Dumbara valley surrounded in the Matale District of the central highlands, in Sri lanka. These foothills were called Wiltshire by the British. Knuckles is divided into hills, valleys and Midland plains as per the geographical features. 

Its hills offer such a pleasant and pleasurable diversion from going on a camping, hiking, biking, trekking, and hill climbing tours to Wildlife safaris within a rich biodiversity hot spot located on the hills in knuckles. Knuckles range is home to many animals’ specially endemic lizard species, wild boar, spotted deer, giant squirrel, barking deer, purple faced leaf monkey, mongoose, porcupine and many  varieties of bulbul birds. Take a cycle ride through the valley at the edge with the most scenic 360 Degree view of the many waterfalls and creeks. Thus, take time to discover the oldest reordered medieval village of Sri Lanka first mentioned by “Robert Knox” Meemure.