With a wealth of experience more than 15 years, initiated and named after INPAC Japan Male, catering the most demanding and well verse travellers from Japan, in
2004 “Karusan Travels” established its corporate office in Sri Lanka with one branch office in Male.

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Dambulla cave temple is that the largest and best preserved cave temple complex which considered one of the most significant points of the cultural triangle of Sri lanka. The Dambulla cave temple provided a refuge for king Valagamba in 1st century BC and the king turned the caves into a magnificent temple for reward the monks who protected him. Dambulla was a sacred pilgrimage site for followers of Buddhism for over 22 centuries and it holds great religious significance even today. The rock towers 160m over the surrounding plains. There are more than 80 documented caves within the area and Major attractions are spread over 5 caves. There are a total of 153 statues, Which contain statues and paintings related to Gautama Buddha’s previous birth.