With a wealth of experience more than 15 years, initiated and named after INPAC Japan Male, catering the most demanding and well verse travellers from Japan, in
2004 “Karusan Travels” established its corporate office in Sri Lanka with one branch office in Male.

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Memorable Culinary Experience in “Sri Lanka”

Culinary tourism is also known as “food tourism” and it is recognized as one of the vital components to enhance the tourism experience of culinary travelers around the globe. Sri Lanka has unique food cultures and spicy food behaviors that are loved by many travelers. Nowadays visitors do not hesitate to change the standard Travel itinerary to explore Sri Lankan culinary adventure before their departure. There is a number of culinary tours such as cooking demonstrations, tours of restaurants, food festivals, food sampling, and local farming practices which can provide genuine and memorable food experience in Sir Lankan cuisines with discovering new cooking techniques while fills the tummy and puts a smile on the travelers face.

Sri Lankan Food is known around the world for its unique taste and the attractive colors of the spices. Rice Dishes along with typical curries and of course Sri Lankan Short Eats unlike anything else around the world. These Food verities touch the influences of Dutch, Indian, English, Chinese and Portuguese.

Current trends in food tours include food bloggers and Instagram accounts, along with videos, reviews, and recommendations creates lifetime stories in Sri Lankan memorable eating, drinking pursuits tours while ended up attracting thousands of followers and the ideal example “My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita“.

Restaurant weeks and food festivals have become major components of culinary tourism. Sri Lanka embarked on the Most expensive dessert in the world which nearly cost $ 14,500 including gemstone was especially designed for The Fortress hotel’s exclusive clientele. There are specific travelers who are known as culinary travelers. They seek genuine food experiences in leading hotels in Sri Lanka which display the best cuisines as a sample and it promotes local foods. Restaurants and locally owned hotel chains have contacts with local farmers to purchase fresh ingredients to provide extraordinary food experience to travelers when visiting Sri Lanka. Especially, a beverage like Ceylon tea has a huge attraction from visitors from every corner of the world. Tourists can experience the rhythm of chop-chop-chopping of the KottuRotti with various flavors. Further, they can enjoy the sunset on Galle Face Green in Colombo with few prawn vadai. During the road trips, tourists can enjoy the fresh thambili (king coconut) to get a super refreshment drink. Also, tourists can buy fresh seafood from a fisherman on the south coast thus they can try out and enjoy delicious rice and curry with unique recipes. Sri Lanka welcomes all the world food lovers throughout the year to increase interest and enthusiasm for food experiences in culinary rich Sri Lanka.

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