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Breakfast at the hotel. Leave to Anuradhapura and visit the historical sites.

In the afternoon visit Mihinthale.

Return to the hotel. Dinner & overnight at the hotel.

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Breakfast at the hotel.

Leave for Anuradhapura sightseeing.

The most famous historical sites of the island, Anuradhapura was the capital of Sri Lanka, from the fourth century BC. BC until the beginning of the eleventh century AD. AD – one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and one of the eight sites of Sri Lanka registered at UNESCO World Heritage – she grew up around huge buildings, dagoba, built in the honor of the Buddha which are still today the subject of Buddhist devotion from all over the world: Thuparama, ancestor of all the dagoba of the island.Further Ruvanveliseya immaculate, most revered, and two giants, Jetavanarama Abhayagirivihāra They are known as tallest dagabos in the world . Anuradhapura is also custodian of the Bo tree, the Sri Maha Bodhi, a sacred arbe 2000 years old, which is part of the holy places of Buddhism . This tree is a cutting from the sacred tree India under which the Buddha attained Bodhi enlightenment.

In the afternoon visit Mihinthale

Mihintale is only 12 kM away from the famous Anuradhapura city. The sacred forest mountain Missaka Pabbatha where King Devanampiya Tissa met Arhat Mahinda Thera and his companions is situated in Mihintale. Prior to that the Lord Gautama Buddha had visited this place on his Third visit which was called as Missaka Pabbatha then. Arhath Mahinda and his companions came to Sri Lanka as a delegation sent by Arahath Moggali Putta Tissa with the patronage of Emperor Asoka on the 236 th year of the Buddha parinirvana.

Being one of the sixteen places (Solosmasthana) the Lord Buddha had visited in Sri Lanka, this is regarded as one of the most important sacred places by the Buddhists in Sri Lanka which is also known as the cradle of Buddhism .There are many caves which were earlier used by monks for meditation in a quite surrounding away from the main city of Anuradhapura.

There is abundance of ancient stone architecture surrounding the many Stupas, monastic complexes and other sacred places.The Sinhalese architecture, paintings and sculpture were a result of the Buddhism which nourished these throughout the centuries that followed.

Return to the hotel .Dinner & overnight at the hotel.

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