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Amaya Hills – Kandy

Amongst the eco friendly resorts in Sri Lanka, this Kandyan hotel is a tasteful mingling of the essence of Kandy’s culture with the trimmings of contemporary chic and four-star luxury. Rooms offer a feast for the eyes of distant hills, valleys below and far beyond, while the interiors include entertainment systems, balcony sit outs and more.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Kandyan architectural concepts and motifs, the 100 rooms housed at this four-star hotel offers stunning views of the forest-covered hills of Heerassagala and the scenic valleys beyond. From floor to ceiling, every room brings aspects of Kandyan culture closer to guests, reflecting a unique take on modernistic luxury interspersed with Kandyan culture. Rooms are accented by heavy wooden carvings – a characteristic trait among ancient Sri Lankan artisans.

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Superior Rooms

Experience complete privacy in your own balcony, affording scenic views of lush valleys. Furnishings in deep red and black with tinges of gold evoke murals of earlier centuries, accented by stunning wooden carvings.

Beds: Twin beds
Occupancy: 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children
Extra bed:  One bed (on request)
Location : Madhya Prasada – 01st Floor / 02nd Floor – Garden View, Dakshina:  Prasada – Ground Floor
View:  Garden view
Size:  (sq.ft.) 285.38 (m²) 86.9
Bathrooms:  Full tile bathroom with bath tub / shower and hair dryer


Deluxe Rooms

Enjoy a light repast, then step out for a view of beautiful gardens and green-blanketed valleys. Later, snuggle under thick blankets for a peaceful slumber.

Beds: Queen Bed / Twin beds
Occupancy: 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children
Extra bed:  One bed (on request)

Uththara Prasada – Ground floor / 01st Floor,

Madhya Prasada – 01st Floor / 02nd Floor,

Dakshina Prasada – 01st Floor / 02nd Floor
View: Swimming pool view with stunning outlook on the valley and distant hills
Size: (sq.ft.) 285.38 (m2) 86.9
Bathrooms: Full tile bathroom with bath tub / shower and hair dryer



The four regal suites are named after well-known historical figures, reflecting the cultural heritage of Kandy through tasteful interior design and stunning decorative elements.
Beds: 02 bedrooms (01 master bedroom and 01 loft bedroom) 02 King sized bed
Occupancy: 6 adults or 5 adults and 2 children
Extra bed: Two beds (on request)
Location: Uththara Prasad 2nd floor

View: Surrounding hill country

Size: (sq.ft.) 570 (m2) 173.7
Bathrooms: 02 bathrooms (01 master bathroom and 01 loft bathroom) Full tile bathroom with bath tub / shower and hair dryer


Junior Suites

Find yourself enthralled by magnificent views from any of our suites. Enjoy a bottle of wine in your private lounge as the wafting breeze of the cool evenings mingle with the aromatic tropical flora of the gardens to create a relaxing ambiance.

Beds: Queen sized beds
Occupancy: 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children
Extra bed: One bed (on request)
Location:  Dakshina Prasada – 01st Floor / 02nd Floor / Ground Floor
View: Surrounding hill country
Size : (sq.ft.) 428 (m2) 130.5
Bathrooms:  Full tile bathroom with bath tub / shower and hair dryer

Raswasala Restaurant

Dine at our open terrace, overlooking stunning views of lush mountains. Should you decide to stay indoors, traditional motifs and wall hangings of Kandyan spears set the stage for a delightful experience along with distinctive mahogany chairs woven with rattan in original designs. Drawing upon classic culinary techniques, everything at our restaurant is prepared with fresh local ingredients pairing with newer, lighter cooking styles. Savour bountiful breakfast buffets or modern interpretations of Sri Lankan cuisine – all within the comfort of an elegant setting.


Buffets are laid out for every meal with an option for personal preference through a wide variety from the a’la carte menu.

Our favourite, Kanda Uda Rata Bojun (typical Sri Lankan rice & curry), grilled darne of seer Rasawasala style.



Look on as soaring peaks of forest-covered mountains disappear into a cloud of mist as you dine on inspired specialties that highlight Sri Lankan traditions. This elegant open-air section of the restaurant offers majestic views of surrounding nature, sumptuously decorated to offer just the right mix of sophistication and intimacy for the most memorable occasion. In the evenings sip on a cocktail and enjoy eclectic fare as you watch the deep-orange sunset over the mountains.


Dumbara Bar

Step into the Dumbara Bar – bold yet elegant and fashioned with black and white geometrical designs. Unwind and mingle with a delectable canapé or an exotic cocktail in hand in a setting inspired by the motifs found in woven mats, unique to Kandy’s Dumbara region. Relax on black chairs, replicas of those seen from a painting depicting Sri Lanka’s Dutch colonial period and enjoy drinks served with Sri Lanka ’s phenomenal friendliness. An innovative A La carte menu is available should you decide to snack on something light.


Tea Shop

spaimg1End your evening with a cup of aromatic tea. Sample hand-crafted specialty brews from a choice of over 40 varieties produced in the country. Simply referred to as ‘Thé’ – the local lingo for a cup of tea, the Tea Shop is beautifully decorated in delicate colours, perfect for intimate conversations and enjoyable gatherings. Relax on plush, comfortable sofas, designed in the form of a dolawa (palanquin), traditionally used to carry royalty on their journeys. Usher in nightfall with a range of accompaniments that go perfectly with your cup of tea.



Our favourite, varieties of tea with cookies, specialty coffee espresso, cappuccino



Step outside to our plush, intimate Tea Lounge presenting a comely atmosphere to simply relax and enjoy the cool air. In the night, this charming retreat transforms into a bustling space, bringing you the festive ambiance for a scrumptious barbecue dinner. Perfected with the culinary finesse of our experienced chefs, each meal is designed to appease your palate, enhanced by a range of side dishes and sauces.


In-Room Dining

Explore the inspired menu creations that have earned Amaya Hills culinary distinction. Savour an intimate dining experience within the comfort of your guest room or suite, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and luxury for a romantic dinner for two. Day or night, a personal fine-dining experience awaits, presenting dishes cooked to perfection and served by our gracious staff.

Indulge, relax and bask in the restorative therapy of nature as you revitalize your senses and renew your spirit at Amaya Hills’ exclusive Ayurvedic spa – Pancha Karma. Nestled amidst the cool climes of this beautiful hill country, Pancha Karma offers a nurturing and traditional experience, replete with treatments that have been passed down through generations.

Signature Treatments

A selected herbal oil is poured in a continuous stream on the forehead. Oil will be selected according to your body type and conditions. This classic treatment helps in nourishing the central nervous system while calming the body and relaxing the mind.

This is a complete body massage using selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils. It provides immense relaxation for fatigue and provides relief for muscle aches. The massage is followed by a cleansing herbal bath.


Enjoy a soothing massage and let your mind drift away. Indulging in a massage is the perfect way to renew your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Our highly experienced masseurs will whisk you away to a state of inner calm and relax your entire being.

This foot massage stimulates the body’s terminal points. Reflexology treatments concentrate on nerves found in the feet which are connected to all major organs, and therefore has an effect on the whole body. Our therapists treat guests using techniques learned from a Thai specialist.

This is a refreshing treatment which uses exotic herbs and oils with marma therapy (vital points massage). This luxurious head massage is very beneficial for people who suffer from headaches, migraines, insomnia and stress and will leave you feeling soothed and renewed.


Body Treatments

This complete body massage uses selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils and provides immense relaxation for fatigue and offers relief for muscle aches. This is followed by a purifying herbal steam and a herbal bath.

This treatment is a rejuvenating herbal bath which cleanses the body while releasing internal toxins found in the body through the skin. This treatment gets rid of dead skin cells and improves the action of the body’s sweat glands and sebaceous glands.


Facial Treatments

This is a herbal facial treatment which consists of a facial massage using herbal oil, a medicinal facial pack and a facial steam. Herbal ingredients such as sandalwood, turmeric and aloe vera improve the health and appearance of the skin.

A facial massage using herbal oil that treats your vital points. Depending on your skin type, a special oil or herb is gently massaged into your face. This treatment vitalizes and tones the skin and has a soothing effect on nerves.


Wellness Offerings

This is a medicated steam bath which is specially recommended for certain skin diseases to eliminate impurities from the body and reduce fat. The curative effects of herbs penetrate the skin, while waste products are excreted with sweat. It also improves movement and blood pressure.



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