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About Sri Lanka

“A country like no other with endless possibilities..”

Sri Lanka, known until 1972 as “Ceylon”, is an island country located in the northern Indian Ocean. With a documented history that spans well over 3000 years its geographic location validated the country as a diverse land, home to many religions, ethnicity and languages.

The tropical country, Sri Lanka, though it is just an area of over 65,525km, offers its travelers a wealth of experiences ranging from remarkable breathtaking landscapes, cascading waterfalls, lush green forests, golden beaches, jagged mountain peaks, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences unlike no other. Each region within the country has its own unique beauty to be discovered. With natural wonders in the central highlands and colorful temples scattered across the north followed by the colonial heritage in the west, this is one of the ideal destinations for any type of a traveler.

Ride the waves like you own them or just lie back on one of the many golden beaches for a sun bath, get up-close with the largest living aquatic mammal on the planet or with a pod of dolphins that may try to race alongside your vessel, sail away to the horizon on a fishing trip or take a deep dive to explore the mysterious ship wrecks surrounding the island, go on a safari in one the prestige national parks to explore the untamed beauty of the wilderness or camp a night out in the wilderness for that ultimate wilderness experience, hike off the beaten path exploring the true essence of the lush green rain forests or an adrenaline rushing off road cycling session to spice it all up ending with a smoothing Ayurvedic therapy session to get yourself rejuvenated before you head back home, Sri Lanka is a country with endless possibilities!

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